FUMC: Drilled on Doctor Tangerine and Plan Mahogany

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


12 April 2017
Valenzuela City

The building of Fatima University Medical Center (FUMC) was jolted this morning. Immediately, the staff ducked, went under their office tables and stood by the door jambs and columns, and held tightly for balance. Then came, “Sunooog!” a staff from the 4th floor shouted over the phone. Then, the communication staff announced, “Engineering and housekeeping personnel, Doctor Tangerine! Doctor Tangerine! 4th floor!”.

A male staff lifted the 20-pound fire extinguisher located nearby and sprayed the blaze. But the fire could not be contained so he dialed 776 for evacuation plan and activated the continuous fire alarm. “All personnel, proceed to ‘Plan Mahogany!” the blaring voice echoed throughout the paging system of the hospital.

Nursing staff and employees rushed out of the building through the designated exits toward McArthur Highway, all the way leading to the evacuation area, the Dambana Parking. Patients and injured employees were wheeled on stretchers and wheelchairs, converging at the triage area of the evacuation contact point. All personnel counted off from one, and two, and so on until the last one bellowed, “Ninety-nine”! So goes the successful simultaneous earthquake, fire, and evacuation drills of FUMC.

It all started on April 10 as a Fire Prevention Seminar that was widely coordinated by the FUMC Human Resources Department with Ms. Racquel Dumaguit, HR Supervisor, emceeing the day's program. Facilitated by the rest of the HR team, the Fire Drill was co-organized with the VP for Operations, Ms. Avelina Maliwanag at the helm in cooperation with the FUMC Disaster Management Committee headed by Dr. Raymund Ollero, and the Bureau of Fire Protection’s (BFP) senior fire officers Cherlie Salazar and John Noel Sentillas. With the active participation of all the medical staff and employees, the 2017 FUMC Fire Prevention Seminar and Fire Drill culminated today, April 12, and received from BFP a satisfactory rating.