FUMC's Department of Pediatrics provides exceptional healthcare to children through constant innovation in competency-based training and evidence-based practice. Children with asthma or with pneumonia are best taken cared of in FUMC by its Pulmonary Pediatric Specialists.


We see Fatima University Medical Center Department of Pediatrics as a globally acclaimed center of excellence that provides holistic training, child health and commuity development.



The Fatima University Medical Center Department of Pediatrics commits to:

  • Produce world class, board certified, competent and compassionate pediatricians to address the  challenges of dynamic child health issues.
  • Provide clinicians and allied health practitioners of the department an enduring professional  development through desirable, sustainable and integrated medical education programs.
  • Embark and publish relevant hospital and community based scientific researches that advance and   promote child health care.
  • Serve as leader and educator to constantly improve public health and protection to the environment   within the framework of constructive engagement, mutual relationship and meaningful participation   of the members of the community.
  • Nurture value oriented and socially inclined healthcare administrations to foster a high performing  organization.


Core Values

How we behave as a team: How we behave as individuals:
  • Focused
  • United
  • Motivated
  • Child centered
  • Passionate
  • Excellent
  • Dedicated
  • Achiever