Human Resources

The Human Resources Department caters both the Fatima University Medical Center and it's sister company the Our Lady of Fatima University.

The Human Resources Department commits itself to be the best provider of quality, timely, and efficient services to all employees of OLFU and FUMC by the year 2023.

We will proactively support the vision/mission of OLFU/FUMC by providing an array of human resource services by relentlessly attracting, retaining, and developing our employees.

We will therefore, strive to:

  • Promote and recruit the best qualified people.
  • Provide competitive salary and benefit packages to attract the best candidates and retain our employees.
  • Establish, administer, and effectively communicate policies and practices that treat employees fairly while maintaining compliance with existing labor laws.
  • Seek and provide solutions that support and optimize the core values and operating principles of the institution.


  1. Develop and implement human resource policies, procedures and guidelines.
  2. Provide advice to academic and non-academic managers in their human resource needs
  3. Aid in the professional development and growth of employees by implementing orientation and training programs and activities.
  4. Maintain and update an active human resource information system.
  5. Institutionalize a performance management system for regularly evaluating employee’s performance.
  6. Implement and maintain a talent/succession management program in order to ensure a continuous supply of qualified manpower for present and future vacancies and promotions.


  1. Human resource planning and forecasting
  2. Sourcing, screening, selection, deployment and orientation of new hires
  3. Training and development of employees
  4. Performance evaluation and management
  5. Compensation and benefits administration
  6. Labor-management-employee relations
  7. Human resource information
  8. HR research


  1. Retain qualified employees
  2. Improve skills and competencies of employees, thereby enhancing performance
  3. Increase morale and improve working relationships
  4. Improve interpersonal relationships between individuals, groups, departments, peers and managers within an organization
  5. Increase productivity and performance improvement at the work process level
  6. Work process improvement and innovations