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Message from the President

Fatima University Medical Center (FUMC) is a private family-run teaching medical facility that caters to the CAMANAVA area.  It was founded fifty years ago and, to this day, still adheres to the values of competence, compassion, and empathy.

The Administration continues to commit itself to giving the best medical service using the most modern equipment.  The medical staff are all board-certified specialists in their respective fields.  Our nursing staff are professional and respectful, giving special consideration to the needs of our patients.

With these principles, along with the dictum of "improving man as man", FUMC has grown to become a tertiary medical center equipped with the gold standards of healthcare.  Modern facilities in the center include an MRI, a 128-slice CT-Scan, a Kidney Stone Treatment unit, and a world-class Eye Center using modern Femto Second Laser technology.  All these at a comparatively more reasonable cost than our Metro Manila counterparts.

With a second medical center to open soon in Antipolo City, I invite you to browse our health services which you may need.  We will be happy to take care of you!


Vicente O. Santos Jr., M.D., DPBO